Freedom Formulations – Cardarine (90 capsules – 10mg each) – SARMS

GW-501516 (Cardarine) Cardarine has been known to drastically enhance performance and stamina. Cardarine also utilizes stored fat for energy, speeding up your fat loss progress. Since this compound does not interfere with your natural hormone production, you wont require post cycle therapy. This product is for research purposes.

Freedom Formulations – Osta Shred “FOR HER” (60ml) – SARMS

Osta Shred is a SARM trifecta including 7.5mg Ostarine (MK-2866), 7.5mg GW 501516.

Osta Shred (FOR HER) Contains Ostarine and Cardarine. Ostarine allows one to cut down on body fat at a much faster rate, due to it’s function of maintaining lean muscle mass that has taken years to accrue. Cardarine stacked with Ostarine just accelerates the process of fat-loss, with it technically being a PPAR. Cardarine has been reported to enhance overall energy, endurance, and performance. The perfect stack for female looking to cut down quick

Gridiron Nutrition – The Machine – SARMS

The Machineis a stack of SARMs consisting ofRAD-140,MK677 and Tudca.This combination unlocks huge potential for immense muscle growth, while simultaneously protecting your liver throughout the entire cycle.

Freedom Formulations – Savage (60ml) – SARMS

SAVAGE is a SARM trifecta including 20mg Ostarine (MK-2866), 7.5mg YK-11, and 6mg Ligandrol (LGD-4033).Savage SARM Trifecta is a blend of Ostarine, YK-11, andLigandrol. This compound is great for all out mass, with Ligandrol delivering a wet-bulk look. Mostpeople report on average 10-15 lbs increase in body weight, just with LGD-4033 alone. StackingYK-11 along with it helps reduce the bloat and tends to give a dry, hard look. YK-11 also seems tokeep myostatin from harming muscle growth potential. Ostarine is the third SARM in this product,helping keep muscle and skeletal connective tissue healthy and strong in order to support the largeincrease in muscle mass.