Freedom Formulations – Quad Stakk (60ml) – SARMS


The combination of 54, SR, GW, and RAD makes for apotent lean mass product. RAD is the powerhouse of this blend, delivering strength, size, and density. 54, SR, and GW are the drivers of fat burning; keeping the unwanted body fat off while still being able to pack on strength and mass. If you’re looking for a lean, dry, and dense look,Quad Stakk is what you’ve been searching for.

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Four highly effective SARMs, all dosed to perfection within one bottle! Quad Stakk contains RAD-140, GW-501516, S4, and SR-9009. This is the ideal product for anyone looking to vastly increase their lean muscle mass while simultaneously burning fat and keeping the water weight away.RAD-140is the powerhouse of the Quad Stakk. This compound packs on mass and provides immense strength gains. If you are looking to crush a PR while staying lean, look no further. GW-501516 is an amazing compound, it targets the androgen receptors that stimulate glucose in the muscles and blocks the formation of fatty acid chains. In short, rather than using glucose as a fuel source the body prioritizes fat. GW-501516 maximizes the efficiency in which your body uses oxygen,greatly increasing your endurance. This compound will have you begging to increase your maximum sets/reps!SR-9009 works hand-in-hand with GW (mentioned above) to help improve your fat burning capabilities and preserve muscle mass while doing so. This compound is often referred to as exercise in a bottle which is a perfect explanation regarding its effects. With an increased metabolism and the preservation of your muscle mass, SR-9009 will help you effortlessly burn calories without the fear of losing strength.S4: While the compound alone provides mild strength gains, its main job within this stack is to be sure your muscles still have that pop in the gym. All in all, S4 is the king of keeping the muscles looking full and your vascularity at an all-time high throughout your workout.

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