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Vanquish means to, defeat thoroughly. In this case, we are defeating that dreaded body fat.With Vanquish, you can expect an increase in your metabolism, increased body temperature, decreased appetite, and tons of energy and focus.What makes it different? Vanquish offers a Revolutionary stimulant blend that offers crazy focus and energy, and increased fat burning capabilities. Combining the perfect amount of Caffeine, Eria Jarensis, DMHA, Orchilean, Octopamine HCL & Alpha-Yohimbine, you get a long-lasting clean focus and energy that does not leave you crashing at the end.The revolutionary blood glucose support blend sets Vanquish apart from the crowd even more than the heavy stim-blend. These ingredients help regulate blood sugar. If your blood sugar is balanced there is no need for your body to store fat!Vanquish is different than most fat burners on the market. Because it actually WORKS.We also recommend to stack Vanquish with our non-stim fat burner, Thyro-Excel. Together, they cover every aspect of fat burning ability you have.

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Dont crash off the tracks anymore.Eria Jarensis: Helps get your mind right while enhancing the effects and FEEL of other stimulants.Cymbidium Goeringii: Some call it Orchilean, others just call itPOWERFUL!!Claimed to be 3xSTRONGERthan DMAA.

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